Getting Started

So you've chosen to install Fienix Lite but don't know where to begin...

1. Install Debian Sid 10.0 from The Debian Ports website via the minimal install image.

2. Install the archive keyring package and setup the sources.list to point to the ports repository to install LXQt. Add the Fienix repository key and change repository again in sources.list to point to the Fienix repositories. Before changing the repo to the Fienix repository, install GPGv2 or any other GnuPG packages from the ports repository.

2b. enter “sudo apt-key adv —keyserver hkp:// —recv 0x548D45C5” (without quotes) to install the Fienix repository key after installing the Debian ports archive key ring and one of the GPG packages.

3. Install the Materia theme, Fienix wallpapers and arctic fox. Optionally install LibreOffice.

4. Install Compton for a compositor.

If the login manager bundled with LXQt is logging you out after 10-15 minutes, uninstall it and install Lightdm in its place.

If you’re running it on a PowerMac G5 like me, edit the modules file to add the windfarm_core module.

If your PRAM battery is missing or dead, create a file called apt.conf in /etc/apt with the following contents: APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated "true";